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Your Own Personal Phone Number

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A Phone Number Without the Wire:



Unlike a Traditional Phone Line, a virtual telephone number lets you choose a telephone number from any city or country of your choice.  

Virtual numbers allow you to add telephone numbers to your personal or business mobile or home phone so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number. 

Virtual telephone System, online numbers have many benefits for both residential and business users.  For instance imagine that your children where away at college, they could call your virtual telephone number so that they did not have to make a long distance call to reach you.  

Many businesses are finding that virtual phone numbers can allow them to create a local presence in other city without actually having to open an office there.  For instance you may wish to get a 1416 Toronto phone number to give the appearance that you have an office there.



Creating Staff Extensions is Easy as 123.



1, Login to MyAccount--Start-Configure, You will see the same dashboard, click and drop.

2, Click on Person icon to create an extension and move it to dashboard.

2b, Create Staff

2b, Click and connect the cable.

3, Click the setting icons in Phone Number to select your newly ordered number.

4, Click on Voicemail Setting icon to setup the voicemail to email.

5, Download opensource softwfone like linphone for pc or android or iphone and put the user name password and sip domain under setting icon in person.

Click here to see the Detail Setup Guide




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