What is a Voicemail to Email Service?


A Voicemail to email service Box or Voicemail to Email Service is similar to a home answering machine, but recorded messages are immediately forwarded as a voice file attachment to an email address that you specify, allowing you to retrieve voice messages wherever you are.

You can setup voicemail to email on your land line or mobile, buy an online phone number from our website, forward your landline or mobile to the new number on no answer under mobile settings or use the star codes in land line, all your voicemails are now picked in the newly order online number and will be forwarded to your email.

Your Virtual Number Control Panel allows you to record or upload custom messages that are played to the caller when you are not available to answer the call. This message can give instructions to the caller to leave a voice message or may provide other available options, such as listing alternative contact phone numbers or divert to another number.

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