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Stay in Touch with Family Friends & Customers in Lanzo Torinese, Italy

Lanzo Torinese Virtual Number for your customers, friends and family to call you directly. it’s a local call for them (ie: free). You can forward all the calls made on the Lanzo Torinese  virtual phone number to your skype or on your mobile app for free or with unlimited minutes for just 9.40 Per Month or to your cell phone or landline for an additional pay per min.


Businesses and Entrepreneurs

You get a Powerfull Online Phone System, no Cost per month, no Limits, absolutely FREE!, Just Buy a Virtual Number and thats it!.

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Buying a virtual number from Lanzo Torinese is one of the absolute smartest way you can stay in touch with customers or potential clients in Lanzo Torinese . You can forward the Lanzo Torinese, 39-0123 calls to your skype or to your iphone or android and just pay  9.40 per month and nothing else, even make calls to Lanzo Torinese, from anywhere in the world for just a cent or two, using wifi or mobile data using our award winning mobile app for android and iphone.



Are you travelling out from Lanzo Torinese ?

Lanzo Torinese Virtual number can forward the calls to wherever you’d like. One example would be if I went to Alaska and had family in Lanzo Torinese, Italy, They can call me on my Lanzo Torinese  39-0123 Virtual Number which is local for them while I’m in Alaska answering the calls for absolutely free over WIFI using my android or iphone, or making calls back for just a cent.

Order a Virtual Numbers from Lanzo Torinese, Italy (prefix: 39-0123).


Number Prices:

Monthly price: 9.40 CAD

Includes, Totally FREE Powerful Virtual Phone System, Forwarding to Skype, Land/CellPhone, Unlimited Office Extensions, IVR, Office Hours, Custom Messages, Holiday Greetings etc etc.


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