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i am new at this call forwarding thing, but I'm confused on if and/or your service could help me. My situation:

I have a skype account with an unlimited Canada/US minute subscription. It's great for outbound calls but the problem is skype/microsoft will not provide me with a Canadian local Skype number! If people try to call me back on my skype phone they have to dial a North Dakota number (closest geographically to where I live). I have managed to change the caller ID on skype to the local Regina number I want to use 306-586-xxxx.

This number used to be a landline, was ported to a cell and is not under contract. I'm wondering if you guys were able to help me out. The plan: Port 306586xxx to you guys and then have all calls made to that number be forwarded to My north Dakota skype number (701) 204-xxxx so local people in Regina (306) don't pay long distance/international rates calling me back on skype based on the already established *spoofed* caller ID 306-586-xxxx. My questions are can you do this?

And what would the mothly rate be? The Porting charge? Do you have a *pre paid* service, so I prepurchase call forwarding minutes and is the rate $0.02/min?

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    Wednesday, October 14 2015, 01:16 AM - #permalink
    We can port your 1306 regina number, and if someone calls you , we can forward it to your skype so people can reach you without dialing your dakota number, our monthly fee is 6.10, you will have 2 lines , just incase you are busy on line 1, line 2 can be waiting or goes to voicemail, then it will be email.

    if you like to forward to any us-ca for free, you need to order our yearly plan and you wont pay .02 cents a minute to us-ca forward.

    there is 25$ porting fee, and porting time is 1-2 weeks, please make a order on our site, choose port my number and then submit the online porting form on our website, the link is under Questions.? on our home page.
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