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Area code +55-64, Caldas Novas

Stay in Touch with Family Friends & Customers in Caldas Novas, Brazil.


Get a Virtual Online Phone Service in 55-64 , Caldas Novas for your customers, friends and family to call you directly, You can process, answer or forward the calls coming on your new phone service in areacode 55-64 in Caldas Novas .


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Included Free Powerfull Online Phone System


Do you need a virtual presence in +55-64, Caldas Novas, Brazil for your business or website? Buy a Caldas Novas 55-64 online phone service and talk to customers you never thought would be possible. 

Virtual Phone service from 55-64, Caldas Novas, Brazil is one of the absolute smartest way you can stay in touch with customers or potential clients in Caldas NovasBrazil some of the unlimited features includes;

Online Phone Service Features and Specs

  • Receive calls & SMS;
  • Makeoutbound calls;
  • Assign extension numbers that can reach users anywhere in the world;
  • Forward calls to any phone number or destination;
  • Play back custom recorded messages to callers;
  • Direct calls using extension numbers;
  • Send calls to a voicemail box;
  • Send voicemail messages to selected email addresses;
  • Receive faxes and forward them to an email address;
  • Implement time and caller routing scenarios;
  • Receive notifications for specified call events;
  • Host conference calls;
  • Implement blacklists to block incoming calls;
  • Interconnect multiple phone systems;

Calls coming on +55-64 Caldas Novas number can also be forwarded to wherever you’d like for example another office number, staff mobile or to your remote satelite office computer or mobile phone app via internet.

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 Online App to get or make calls on wifi or mobile data



Order a Virtual Numbers from Caldas Novas, Brazil (prefix: 55-64).

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 How to Configure Your new Phone Service Number


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