Buy Online Phone Number in Hungary, Instant Phone System

Online Phone Number in Hungary works just like a normal wire line but without a wire, Online Virtual Phone Number, includes, call waiting, voicemail to email, calls to a software phone or desk phones, call forward etc, Buy a Vitual Online Phone Number and setup phone system in Hungary within minutes

Hungary Online Phone Number Features.

Online Phone Number in Hungary  allows you to setup a phone system within minutes instead of days or weeks from your national phone provider, there are no cables, no appointments, no line disturbance,  no huge setup bill.


  • Receive Free Unlimited Calls, SMS and Fax;
  • Make outbound calls, SMS*;
  • Assign extension numbers that can reach users anywhere in the world;
  • Forward calls to any phone number or destination;
  • Play back custom recorded messages to callers;
  • Direct calls using extension numbers;
  • Send calls to a voicemail box;
  • Send voicemail messages to selected email addresses;
  • Receive faxes and forward them to an email address;
  • Implement time and caller routing scenarios;
  • Receive notifications for specified call events;
  • Host conference calls;
  • Implement blacklists to block incoming calls;
  • Interconnect multiple phone systems;


Add on: Unlimited Ougoing/Call Forwarding, Outbound SMS, Website Live Chat & Click to Call

Getting a New Phone Service in Hungary is absolutely easy, click on city name to see availabe city codes in Hungary

Code City Setup Monthly
36-1 Budapest 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Budapest Online Phone Number
36-52 Debrecen 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Debrecen Online Phone Number
36-96 Gyor 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Gyor Online Phone Number
36-76 Kecskemet 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Kecskemet Online Phone Number
36-46 Miskolc 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Miskolc Online Phone Number
36-21 National 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD National Online Phone Number
36-42 Nyiregyhaza 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Nyiregyhaza Online Phone Number
36-72 Pecs 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Pecs Online Phone Number
36-62 Szeged 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Szeged Online Phone Number
36-22 Szekesfehervar 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Szekesfehervar Online Phone Number
36-56 Szolnok 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Szolnok Online Phone Number
36-94 Szombathely 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Szombathely Online Phone Number
36-80 Toll-free 0.00 CAD 29.65 CAD Toll-free Online Phone Number
36-92 Zalaegerszeg 0.00 CAD 10.04 CAD Zalaegerszeg Online Phone Number