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I have been paying over 50$ monthly for my business line, i am mostly out in the field, i tried using bell call forwarding but then i get spam and telemarketing calls, on my cellphone,

i like to port it to your service and put a welcome greeting and ask for user input , say welcome to my company, press 1 for sales 2 for billing , then in sales menu i like to put press 1 to connect to bob 2 for marry, etc.
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    Monday, January 12 2015, 03:17 PM - #permalink
    You can port your number to us, our yearly term 3 $ monthly plan, can host your business phone, play a welcome greeting, and can be directed to different cell phone numbers, or voic email , you can have multiple greetings and unlimited extensions.

    this setup can save your time from unwanted telemarketing calls, and spam calls.

    Please make a order on our website and choose Port My Number, mention your number in the details on the order page.
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